Melissa Cooley is an American painter & crafter influenced by her spiritual studies spanning over 20 years of teaching Mind/Body Yoga & Meditation. Greatly influenced by Nature, the color spectrum energies and the inner narrative, Melissa's art offers a unique and thoughtful perspective. Melissa is a Graduate of Southern Oregon University in Art and lives locally in Talent, Oregon.


Melissa is a mother of beautiful twin daughters and devoted partner to her husband. She delights in having family adventures, spending time in her garden & is a lover of long hikes in the Southern Oregon Mountains along waterways. Her life's work aims to contribute beauty, share wisdom teachings & enrich one another together as a Lifecraft Community. 


the process

Melissa has used the artistic process as a way to understand concepts of the heart & collective connection through a multiplicity of methods. Melissa taps into the feeling body, trusting intuitive creative feminine pathways. 


The brain plays two vital roles: it integrates psychosomatic and somatopsychic functions, Melissa enjoys coming from both directions as a way to explore meaning, compassion & connection through shared experience.  


The Lifecraft Community 

A place for creative wellness

LIFECRAFT is a community forum supporting inspired momentum

utilizing art and craft


LIFECRAFT is a community working towards health and wellness using creative musing as an ARTscape landscape. Removing the pressure of performance, gallery "show," or signed book deal to verify quality while quietly

 supporting beauty, belonging and grace.

Inspirational Infusions Newsletter is a way to connect & encourage creative exploration of our spirited Nature, a forum for the magical & mystical.  A platform to revive the art of living and satisfy our need for inspiration.  

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studio address: 108 S. Market St, Talent, OR 97540
mailing address: PO Box 113, Talent, OR 97540
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